Meet Mrinalini D'Costa

Growing up in India, now operating from Germany, Mrinalini, has an energized and invigorated love of language and all its offerings. She has harnessed this passion to produce her own mantra of “Democratizing creativity.” It is this unique mindset, that led Mrinalini to establish her own boutique consulting firm in Munich, known as RATlab, which renders both distinctive and dynamic products, such as the critically-acclaimed “Resourceful Innovation”. Her work includes creating new value from available resources to spin out new products, services, and business models.

Mrinalini brings an extensive financial background in product innovation and digitization in Insurance/Re-Insurance and Banking for global markets. Having worked close to two decades with the largest reinsurer, Munich Reinsurance, lecturing at the Uni, and running her own shop now, she has developed a deep appreciation for effective communication. Learning the ropes of this most central skill, she credits to a 2016 seminar given through Own The Room.

Running is a pastime that Mrinalini credits for many of her creative ideas. She also enjoys performing the ancient Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam. Blogging is another way that Mrinalini finds both escape and reflection. One of her goals in life is to break cycles of poverty through education, focused on disadvantaged children from Rajasthan, India.