Meet Michele Moreno

Michele loves to see people grow in all aspects of work and life. She once had a client who was made fun of while he was presenting in front of a crowd. With her help, he discovered how to own and enhance his strengths, and developed techniques to improve. His newfound confidence translated to not only his work, but many areas of his life. 

Michele graduated with honors from the prestigious Stanford University, is ICF certified, and has personally coached 100+ executives and entrepreneurs that work for companies mostly in the tech and marketing fields. She also has appeared as an actress on hit shows for networks like ABC, NBC, Fox and more, and has even sung backup for Ray Charles. Michele has written case studies on 2 books written by Silicon Valley’s Guy Kawasaki and has reached thousands of people through her videos and guest expert appearances at 50+ business events.  

As a business journalist, Michele worked for Guy Kawasaki and the consultancy group, Tom Peters Group. Michele’s professional experience has allowed her the opportunity to travel to 38 different countries around the world.