Meet Mary Hayes

Whether she’s helping a nervous presenter, or coaching someone to present to foreign ministers and ambassadors, Mary loves seeing people become more confident and talented presenters. She quickly builds their trust, while making learning fun.  

Mary brings a diverse range of skills, having worked in marketing, communications, and learning & development. She has managed training curriculums and created development programs, and has an innate sense of what learners need. She worked at global corporations for many years, and enjoys coaching people from diverse backgrounds.  Her motto is “have passport, will travel”, and she has visited more than 40 countries, including the UAE, where she lived and worked for 12 years.  

When she’s not coaching people, you can find Mary out hiking, or volunteering at her local animal shelter. 

Areas of Expertise

Communications, Intercultural relations, Career Development, Influencing, Resilience

Region & Fluent Languages

Midwest United States | English