Meet Kirsten Rossotti

Kirsten Rossotti’s primary motivation as a coach is to empower her clients to be relaxed and confident when they communicate. She believes everyone has the ability to use their voice to influence, inspire and make positive changes in their life. She is passionate about working with LifeHikes® because she loves to see people light up as they learn the joys of effective communication. 
Kirsten began her career as a corporate trainer at Dale Carnegie, where she ran workshops on human relations, public speaking, diplomacy, and leadership. She has also brought her communication skills to various other industries such as finance, technology, government, marketing, and media. For most of her career, Kirsten has worked in front of the camera as a tv news and sports reporter in markets from Chicago to New York City.

When Kirsten is not helping professionals reach their full potential, you can find her doing numerous creative activities. She loves to put her communications skills to work as a writer, pianist, and animator. She has even dabbled in stand-up comedy. Kirsten’s love of sports goes beyond the newsroom because she was on her college basketball team.