Meet Kesner LaGuerre

When Kesner was young, he dreamed of becoming an R&B singer. But there was a catch: he had severe stage fright. It would take Kesner years of hard work to overcome that fear, but he finally gained the confidence to sing in front of an audience. That moment on stage — and the perseverance that fueled it — inspired Kesner to help others break through their own fears and unleash their potential.

Whether improving efficiency for major pharmaceutical customers or delivering an inspiring keynote, every facet of Kesner’s career has been devoted to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Prior to joining LifeHikes, he spent many years as a Clinical Consultant, helping major healthcare organizations implement Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts medical record systems. He also worked as a Writer, Speaker, and Coach at Renewed Life Consulting Group and as an Account Executive at HealNow, an enterprise platform that reinvents the pharmacy experience for providers and patients.

An avid reader and writer, Kesner is the author of two published books, The Faith Tree and How To Get Motivated To Accomplish Anything. And while he still occasionally writes and records R&B songs in his spare time, Kesner may have a different path to stardom these days: he regularly creates inspirational social media content that gets thousands of views per day.