Meet Karen Patricelli

As an experienced business executive and coach, Karen’s focus has been to help strong, determined, professional women become leaders in a male-dominated space without compromising their integrity or authenticity. Karen is passionate about lifelong learning, and enjoys the way that LifeHikes combines teaching, coaching, skill application, and providing feedback as a highly effective way to learn and connect.  

Before joining LifeHikes®, one of Karen’s biggest brags is that she climbed the corporate ladder and moved into executive management without a college degree. Her professional experience includes sales, business development, account management, product development, and marketing in healthcare, manufacturing, and service-based industries. From this, Karen has accumulated various MRP and CRM system skills throughout her career. Additionally, Karen served for 3 years on the Board of Directors for Washington Women in Need.  

Born and raised in Washington state, Karen’s hobbies include running, gardening, writing, and spending time with her two teenage daughters and three cats who aspire to be her office assistants. At the moment, she is embarking on a food and recipe blog for gluten-free, clean eating with her sister-in-law since Karen’s daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease.  


"Karen led the session in a great, welcoming, and reassuring way, that led us all to live the experience with an open heart and mind."

"Karen was an engaging and informative coach who did a great job of demonstrating examples on how to apply these leadership strategies in all facets of our personal and professional life."

Areas of Expertise

Career and leadership development, personal and professional transitions, exploring burnout and work-life harmony, workplace issues for women, personal and workplace relationships, physical health, and well-being, and releasing negative emotions and behavior.

Fun Fact

Whenever I think something is scary or hard, I just remember my first solo static line jump from an airplane back in the late '90s and remember I can do anything after that!

Region & Fluent Languages

Northeast United States | English