Meet Jessica Wong

Jessica became obsessed about communicating effectively when she was traumatised by a presentation disaster early on in her graduate position at IBM; her throat was tight, her mind went blank, she was judging herself, ‘you’re confusing the audience!’ Hailed from Hong Kong, being an outsider in a predominantly white work environment also made her acutely aware of the ways the senior leaders influence, manage teams and get things done.

Little did she know her experience at IBM would lend itself to executive coaching until she was giving 1:1 ‘English clases’ to executives who already spoke perfect English in Colombia. All they really want was to prepare for that high stake conversation in a different continent, or design a message to speak in front of thousands. Word of mouth took her to a diverse population of clients. She was once The coach of the senior leadership team of the biggest foreign-owned bank, the medical science liaison teams across pharmaceutical companies, and other MNCs. 

As she grew to be an ICF PCC coach, she specialises in making her coachees realise what they’re already good at, embrace who they are, and influence by being their very best. She loves seeing the look in their faces when they look at their own recordings and say ‘Yea.. I’m good!’ 

Her entrepreneurial spirit has meant that outside LifeHikes, she also sends tourists to exotic destinations in South America, helps individuals manage their money and trains her sales team.

Jessica coaches in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Areas of Expertise

Communication Skills and Meeting/Event Preparation

Region & Fluent Languages

APAC | Cantonese, English & Mandarin