Meet Eric Greene

Fun Fact

Without trying, I’ve had too many to count run ins with celebrities. These encounters include, but aren’t limited to: Idris Elba, Vin Deisel, Kendrick Lamar, Bill Cosby,Cuba Gooding Jr. and five, count em five different members of the Brady Bunch on five different occassions. Weird right?

Favorite Learning Resource

Real life, baby. Hard knocks. Fail fast, learn fast. Pivot. Grow.

Client Testimonials

“We have had the great fortune to be able to work with Eric. He has helped in so many ways. He gives you the framework for success but makes it real world and holds you accountable to that journey. He helps you put ideas into action that lead to success. His energy and commitment are empowering. I highly recommend Eric.”
– Amy Beck, President, Oboz Footwear

Eric learned a valuable lesson on being himself in the middle of his career. He was once asked to give a speech in front of 350 people at a conference. He had no prior experience with public speaking at the time, and the speaker before him was a Ted Talk level speaker. To calm his nerves, he decided to imitate the speaker before him, which ended up being a train wreck but he wasn’t going to let one bad experience define him. He vowed to learn from this experience and with patience, he watched his confidence in public speaking and presentation grow over time. This contributed to the advancement of his career and is ultimately what brought him to LifeHikes.

Eric has held numerous positions throughout his career, including Company President, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, EVP/GM, and entrepreneur. Eric is a certified coach and an award-winning adjunct professor. In his coaching, Eric enjoys pouring his experiences (good, bad, and ugly) into helping others thrive! His clients include CEOs, executives, and high-potential individuals and teams seeking to improve team development, leadership, and communication success. 

In his spare time, he enjoys being outside in nature, participating in sports, seeking out new adventures, and traveling the world.