Meet Elizabeth Tuleja

Sharing her experience as a cross-cultural consultant, educator, and author, Elizabeth sees the strengths in her students just as LifeHikes sees in theirs, with an emphasis on human flourishing and the desire to serve around the globe.  

Elizabeth’s education at the University of Pennsylvania (M.S.Edu and Ph.D) and working in executive education, cross-cultural management, and communication training for over 20 years, have earned her several achievements: She was a Fulbright Scholar to China, serving as a citizen ambassador to increase mutual understanding between people of different cultures.  In addition, she was selected as one of 60 experts to receive the award for “Outstanding Foreign Expert in Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation” from the Prime Minister of China. She has authored several books, her latest being Intercultural Communication for Global Business: How Leaders Communicate Success. Elizabeth has also established her own company, The Intercultural Leader Institute, providing global coaching and consultation that empower leaders with cultural competence. 

Experiencing cultures, languages, and people firsthand is at Elizabeth’s core. She has lived in Hong Kong and China and traveled the world. She’s sipped tea with tribal leaders in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, helped build a school for children with Down’s syndrome in Mexico, ridden camels in Inner Mongolia and elephants in Thailand, and climbed the Great Wall in China so many times that she’s lost count.