Meet Binnie Lin

On any given day, you might find Binnie negotiating in Mandarin with a Chinese supplier or discussing projects in English with an international team. As she switches between languages (she’s also fluent in her hometown dialect of Minnanhua) and high-pressure situations, it’s her strong communication skills that keep her moving forward. That’s exactly why Binnie became a Coach with LifeHikes®, to help fellow professionals around the world move forward in their careers.

Over the past decade, she’s managed procurement for multinational companies like Mars, Lenovo, and Maersk. Binnie also worked in the Danish Consulate as a commercial officer for the country’s fashion and design industry. Besides work, she also served as a volunteer coach for several non-profit organizations.

A lifelong learner, Binnie has studied in Xiamen University, Singapore Management University, and Hawaii. And while she’s the consummate academic, Binnie has a few tricks up her sleeve; she’s a talented cellist, pianist, and singer, and she recently took up skydiving on a trip to Las Vegas.