Meet Austin Walker

Austin is an executive life coach and facilitator who partners with leaders who yearn for personal expansion to manifest their desires through forward-focused coaching. Austin works in tandem with those who are willing to consciously create new possibilities in their life while nurturing an empowered relationship with themselves throughout the journey. 

As the Founder of RAW Coaching and a global top sales achiever as a technology seller earlier in his career, Austin knows how to work effectively and efficiently when supporting others to reach the pinnacle of their goals. Coaching is a creative process that explores who someone needs to be and what they need to do to achieve the experience they yearn for. Austin’s coaching partnership is grounded in inquiry, introspection, and self-reflection while working in tandem to co-creating accountability and sufficient support structures to empower new possibilities.

Outside of coaching, facilitating, and building community, Austin is an avid traveler and adventurer. Austin loves to try new things, eat diverse foods, and create memories with loved ones as he explores the world. As a former college football player for the University of Maryland, Austin maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys exploring a variety of wellness outlets to create harmony. In his spare time, Austin co-hosts his podcast Purpenthicity, where he helps even more individuals find their personal success. Austin is trained by Accomplishment Coaching, a world-renowned, International Coach Federation-accredited training program.