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Reinventing The Learning Landscape

We Take Lifelong Learning Seriously

Own The Room® powered by LifeHikes®, is a training company like no other. We bring a uniquely experiential approach to learning and development; using our highly interactive and innovative methodology, our expert Coaches keep participants so energized and entertained that you may not even realize you’re at a training. Whether you are training virtually or in-person, you’ll be armed with real-life knowledge and skills you can apply immediately.

Since founding in 2011, we’ve partnered with more than 200 companies in 46 countries and 7 languages, empowering learning and development in individuals and teams with the breakthrough skills they need to drive progress, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration — all while boosting the bottom line. 

After years of working with top leaders around the world, we‘re inspired to do more — more coaching, more skill development, more refinement of what already makes you great. As of 2021, Own The Room is now part of our new company, LifeHikes®. 

LifeHikes® goes beyond communication, designed with your advancement in mind.  We’ve built a learning ecosystem that combines training programs, providers, technology, measurement, community, and certification for the most important skills for business and life. 

the difference is clear
Hard Measures For Soft Skills

We believe in teaching for how people learn today: quickly, and by doing. Through our trademarked, experiential methodology, you’ll see actionable results in minutes, not months. We also believe in achieving consistency without turning our Coaches into robots. That’s why they know our methodology like the back of their hands: they’re highly skilled at teaching our key concepts while infusing their own style and swagger. 

Our sessions are live, instructor-led experiences. You’ll always be answering a question, discussing with a partner, practicing individually or with a group, or giving and receiving feedback.

No need to bring your own safety net. We create a fun and fast-paced environment that eases you outside of your comfort zone. Time will fly by, and suddenly you’ll realize you’ve already completed 2-3 exercises successfully.

Part professional development, part ‘pep in your step.’ You’ll walk away with personal growth, increased self-confidence, and new leadership skills that you can apply immediately.

Our mobile application, LifeHikes®, seamlessly integrates with our instructor-led training so you can gain quantitative metrics that track your progress.

We go back and forth from silly and serious. Silly is the fastest way to get you laughing and open so your brain can accept new techniques. While everything we do is fun and engaging, it has a clear and practical purpose tied to the content.


What Our Clients Think

"My time spent with Own The Room has been the best possible personal and professional investment I’ve made in myself during my entire sales career. I enjoyed my Own The Room experience so much I brought it to my whole team where the program again exceeded all expectations giving us a foundation to all use and build on every single day."
“Improving your ability to communicate will increase your potential to have impact on the world, no matter what you do. Own The Room will show you how — and they’ll make it fun.”