Leadership Gateway Path

Experience The Impact

Leadership Gateway Path is a powerful entry level leadership development program. Coach-led with cohort and teams, there are 3 main elements of Leadership Islands: Leadership Theory, Personal Leadership Feedback, and Leadership Projects.  

10, 90-Minute Virtual Sessions

Kotter Steps

We look at what leadership really is and introduce the Kotter Model of Change to begin identifying the changes in work that we could initiate and lead. These changes start to form the basis for our individual projects which will be developed, implemented and presented at the end of the program.

Values Island

We explore not just your companies’ values, but also your values to help lead and inspire change. Where is the crossover and alignment between your company’s values and your personal values?

See Better

Analyze the science of behavior and how the brain works in terms of behavioral change, unconscious bias and how it affects our leadership ability. We uncover and practice the 3P’s to unleash, not only more of our own individual leadership potential, but also to help others unleash theirs.

Persistence Island

All great leaders have many common factors and characteristics, one being they all lead through adversity or challenge. Something always goes wrong. We count on it, allow for it. Persistence and follow through is like focus. It’s a muscle the more we practice and live through it, the more resilient we become.

Courage Island

This session asks for reflection of your leadership experience. We look at important moments, like when you were a good leader or when you shied away from leadership opportunities. We also start to identify our anchors (challenges) and sails (opportunities) for future leadership ventures.

Fire Tower Peninsula

Analyze some of the biggest trends (Mega Trends). What are the global trends and how will they affect your industry, your culture, your way of life? What kind of leader do you need to be to be ready for it?

Agile Planning Island

Lean into universal laws and theories and start to see leadership through a novel lens. Combining these theories with Kotter, we begin to bring shape and structure to our work projects while receiving real- time feedback on the strengths of our projects and where the potential challenges may lie.

Fifth Island

You and your team will collectively create your own island. A leadership learning or philosophy that may not have even been mentioned in the Path, or maybe it has and you want to dive deeper into the importance. Whatever the philosophy, you will deliver a compelling presentation on its importance and why leaders need to know about it and embrace it.

Personal Beach

Take time to become introspective with our teams. We explore who we really are as leaders and reflect on how we dealt with failure and what we could do differently in the future.


First, you will deliver a 2 minute presentation on your own personal leadership philosophy. Then you will deliver another 2 minutes on your leadership project in a case study format where you get feedback from peers, Coaches and guests.