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A Hike is an intensive virtual learning journey that takes your leadership, communication, sales, and other skills to the next level – and sets you on a path for continued improvement. 

Making significant gains in any skill requires effort and LifeHikes makes your learning journey fun, easy, and effective. You’ll see immediate impact from your first session, and lasting impact as you continue your Hike.

Every Hike includes multiple virtual training sessions, led by world-class certified coaches. You’ll learn key skills that you can apply immediately and solidify new behaviors through continued practice and coach support.

Why is Skill Development a Challenge?

People Need Help to Develop

The desire to learn and grow is a basic human desire, and is necessary for successful businesses. But growth doesn't just happen for teams. Most people need structure to succeed.

Soft Skills Are the Most Difficult

The most coveted skillset for leaders and team members are also the hardest to develop and measure in organizations. Learn to cultivate today's talent for tomorrow's needs.

Fragmented Landscape

With several options available in leadership training and soft skills coaching, knowing what works and will really move the needle is harder than ever for most companies.

There is No Learning GPS

We've created a learning ecosystem that uses our Hikes, Paths, and Loops to show you the way, measure your mileage, and help you reach the peak of your potential.

The LifeHikes Learning Difference is Clear

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Human and tech driven learning

Every Hike includes multiple training sessions led by a world-class Coach. Our mobile application, LifeHikes, seamlessly integrates into the live sessions to provide instant quantitative feedback and additional learning resources. 

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The Hike features team-based learning to foster peer accountability and collaboration (and increase the fun factor through a bit of friendly competition!). 

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Measurable impact

The Hike begins with a pre-assessment called a Benchmark to identify your current skill level. At the end of the Hike, you complete a final assessment called a Summit to quantify how much progress you have made.

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Practice makes permanent. Between stages, participants complete homework exercises in LifeHikes to practice the techniques they learn — and earn steps along the way.

Experience The Impact

This all may sound great, but as a business leader, how do you know if training programs are actually effective at driving growth for your team?

Accurate and objective soft skill measurement has long eluded L&D industry experts — until now!

Throughout a Hike, you’ll use the LifeHikes app to receive AI-driven feedback on your improvement. LifeHikes® moves the needle from: “I can feel I’m getting better” to “I can feel I’m getting better… and the hard data proves it.”

Reach The Peak of Your Potential

We offer a variety of Hikes depending on your learning objectives and time commitment. Take a look at our Hikes, or challenge yourself to the highest performance with a Loop!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We developed the assessment methodology through decades of experience coaching and rating tens of thousands of presenters across the globe. The assessment includes 21 dimensions of communication divided into two main categories: content (what you say) and delivery (how you say it). The dimensions reflect what scientific research tells us about how the human brain processes, filters, and remembers information (examples: filters, mirror neurons, pictures & emotions, storytelling).

Each participant will receive a comprehensive report for both their pre- and post-assessment, delivered through the LifeHikes app. After the Hike, wwill also compile a manager report with group data for your team (average Benchmark and Summit scores, percent improvement, top skills, areas for improvement, participation/engagement rates, etc.). 

Attendance is mandatory at all stages. The Hike has been designed to help participants achieve a certain skill level over the course of the program. Missing stages will result in lower skill growth. Additionally, teams are a crucial component of the Hike, and having team members absent will affect the team’s step count and group dynamics. 

If a participant is absent from Stage 1 (Benchmark), they will not be able to continue in the Hike. Participants who must miss a stage other than Stage 1 will need to rely on their home team and the Trail Guide to catch up on missed content. 

The Hike has been carefully designed to achieve specific learning objectives and help participants achieve significant growth in the skill areas measured in Benchmark and Summit. If you feel that your team has learning objectives not addressed in the Hike, we can explore customizing the program to meet your needs. However, customization will incur additional development fees for content adjustments (designing new reinforcement prompts and in-session activities, etc.). 

LifeHikes is used during and after the training session. About 1 week before the training, we’ll send pre-work to download the app, create an account and enroll in the Hike, which provides access to session info and training materials. During each stage, the Coach will guide participants through the app to record certain exercises and measure their skills and improvement in the moment. Between stages, participants will complete homework assignments in the app. 

In a 90-minute stage, we might use the app for about 10 minutes – most of the time is Coaching and practice “face-to-face” – but those LifeHikes integration moments are very seamless and powerful, because you instantly see a measurable result. It also gives people an idea of how they can use LifeHikes in many different ways outside the training. 

After the program is over, you can keep using LifeHikes anytime you want to practice, refresh on a tip/technique, or even record yourself during a live presentation to get AI feedback later. Some teams even organize their own meetups and challenges that involve the app.  

LifeHikes is included with the Hike and there’s no cost to use it during or after. The app is free on the app stores – you can even try it for yourself right now. There’s no “catch.” 


We use the best industry practices in all 6 data lifecycle phases (Create, Store, Use, Share, Archive, and Destroy): AES-256 encryption has been applied to our database. Any data-in-transit would be covered by TLS v1.2.  

We do not share, sell, outsource, or open personal data to any 3rd party. All personal profile data is collected for the system records and training event logistics only. Currently, Own The Room Producers, Software Engineers, and Coaches would be able to access user’s profile data, for providing training and digital services purposes only. Additionally, Coach(es) on a training program will be able to view only their specific participant’s video/audio recordings created during the training session, and only while the program is active. All other videos are not accessible to any members of the Own The Room team (or 3rd parties), except for software engineers for debugging and maintenance purposes only. All user video access must be approved by our Data Privacy Officer.  

All Own The Room staff have signed an NDA and data security agreement that prohibit disclosing any client information to a 3rd party or non-training service related purpose. 

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What Our Clients Think

"My time spent with Own The Room has been the best possible personal and professional investment I’ve made in myself during my entire sales career. I enjoyed my Own The Room experience so much I brought it to my whole team where the program again exceeded all expectations giving us a foundation to all use and build on every single day."
“Improving your ability to communicate will increase your potential to have impact on the world, no matter what you do. Own The Room will show you how — and they’ll make it fun.”