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No matter your job function, seniority level, or industry, clear and convincing communication is fundamental to success. Hike 6 will improve your communication skills – and you’ll have fun doing it! 

On average, Hike 6 participants achieve a 55% improvement in their overall communication rating.

Through coaching tens of thousands of professionals across the globe, we’ve assessed that the average presenter in the business world is around a level 4 on a 10-point scale. Hike 6 is designed to move people from a level 4 to a level 6, and the data proves it does. 

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The Hike Learning Model

10 Virtual Group Training Sessions

Leverage the power of the LifeHikes learning model with your team or a group of fellow hikers, working together alongside your coach to master skills.

World-class Coaches

Our coaches are sought after around the world by leaders, politicians, actors, and engaging public speakers. Their experience will take you to the top of your game.

Technology Integration

The LifeHikes App is a powerful asset to your training experience, providing instant quantitative feedback, a place to track progress, and resources for your learning experience.

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Learning Outcomes

Trusted Voices

“I was completely absorbed in the Hike program! The speed, accountability, and exposure of the interactions spurred faster learning. I really enjoyed being paired with others so we could learn from each other’s growth and insights. The optional homework in between sessions was helpful to get additional repetitions with no time pressure.”
Manager, Global Industry Learning Portfolio, IBM