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SVP of Global Sales & Coach
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Martin went from struggling with public speaking at the start of his career to happily delivering a training for over 1000 people in an open field in Papua New Guinea. The key to his transformation was a shift in mindset: he realized that the feeling of nerves was simply a boost in energy to help improve his performance.

As a management consultant, Martin has worked for Accenture (where he was a member of the team that launched PostBank in Ireland) and has advised firms in the telecom, retail, pharma, finance and healthcare industries, including Microsoft, Vodafone, Mastercard, Lidl and Primark. Over his career as a trainer, he has collaborated with customers on 6 continents to design and deliver leadership development training to best meet the teams’ needs.

Martin is a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin and received a certificate from the Wharton School’s Executive Development Program. A practitioner of NLP, Lean and Agile methodologies, he strives for constant learning and personal development. He is a rugby enthusiast, having played the sport semi-professionally for 10 years.

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