Unique training developed for unique goals 


With around 900 global sales employees, Pinterest wanted a sales training product that would fit their needs as a smaller social media platform with a unique goal- product/lifestyle inspiration rather than products/lifestyle pitching.

Because of this unique company culture, Pinterest came to Own The Room in hopes of creating a customizable sales training that all their sales employees could take in order to share a standard sales narrative. 

After meeting with the Pinterest Management Team to analyze their wants, needs, and goals of the product, Own The Room created a pilot training that was then given to the Pinterest Management Team for approval. After tweaking the pilot based off the received feedback, we launched the full customized training to the sales employees of Pinterest in May 2021.

The Challenges

Standard Narrative

Pinterest Managers emphasized that Pinterest is not like other social media platforms because they hold a smaller market share and aim to inspire rather than sell. Because of these differences, Pinterest wanted to train their sales employees to focus on the client and the solution through a common narrative that could be communicated across all regions and backgrounds.

Global Company

Pinterest is a global company — they wanted their training to teach and reinforce skills that all sales employees could implement, regardless of the region they are from or working within. ​

The Solution

Hybrid Product- Sales and Communications​

We were able to create a hybrid product that borrowed from both the realms of sales and communications to create the perfect blend of skills that Pinterest requested. The overall product includes four synchronous two-hour Hike sessions specifically curated for the Pinterest Sales team. Intersession asynchronous homework on the LifeHikes App is also included. ​


At the end of each session, all participants are asked for feedback about the session and the homework. This feedback is implemented immediately within the next trainings so that Own The Room can give Pinterest a completely customizable product.​

The Outcomes

Out of 5 average training satisfaction among Pinterest Sales Team
Global Sales Employees Trained

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