The Hike Model helps a leading enabler of global trade climb to new heights


DP World is a company of over 50,000 employees. They are responsible for more than 10% of the world’s global container traffic, managing 150 operations around the world. Evidently, they have achieved great success.

Wanting to continue this dominance and expand even further, DP World came to Own The Room with the hope of training a new generation of talent, thus allowing them to move forward with the impressive work the company had already accomplished and encouraging them to engage in continued growth. 

The Challenges

Time/Size Constraints

Members of DP World held largely acquisition-focused mentalities. Taking the time to engage in additional training to encourage growth seemed difficult to schedule in. Also, being a very large company with many employees, training seemed daunting with regards to the logistics of getting people involved.


​DP World had been achieving success as it was, but they wanted to grow young leaders within the company to help promote continued innovation. This way, the company would not remain stagnant and younger company members would be prepared to carry on with growth over time.

The Solution

Own The Room Hike 6​

We had 20 young leaders from DP World go through Own The Room's Hike 6, an assessment-driven, team-oriented, ten-stage training program. This program allowed participants to improve in areas such as executive presence, storytelling and adapting to diverse stakeholders.

Individual Coaching

​​Going even further, we also provided these 20 participants with two hours of post-program, one-on-one coaching. This heightened accountability and helped participants address individual challenges, encouraging further improvement.

The Outcomes

1 %
Average Improvement
Out of 10 overall experience rating

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