September 12-16, 2022


Transform yourself. Transform Together.

LifeHikes Learn Week is a time when professionals come together to learn from other leaders, focus on where they want to go, and create a plan to get there. 

Truly dedicated to being ALL IN, the event focuses on leadership, communication, the entire organization and the entire person. Attend sessions curated by the world’s top leaders and innovators with a holistic approach to professional and personal development.

Quotes from LifeHikes Week 2021

"I have a number of take aways - all of which I plan to apply in my own journey in becoming an effective leader." Kendra, LifeHikes Week 2021 Attender

"Great leaders are not interested in being the smartest people in the room, they are trying to make the rest of the room smarter."

Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist at Wharton, bestselling author, host of TED podcast "WorkLife"

Michelle Kydd Lee LifeHikes Week

"You're not responsible for catching the ball that someone else dropped."

Michelle Kydd Lee, Chief Innovation Officer CAA

"Service without means to an end."

David Fizdale, NBA Head Coach

" Enterprises are people-oriented, and the construction of corporate culture requires the participation of every employee. We combine internal and external training to allow employees and the company to grow together."

Zhenguo Yao, EVP, Siemens Energy Great China

J.T. O'Donnell LifeHikes Week

"You must find your voice and put your voice out there. Share your perspectives, points of view, values, and beliefs."

J.T. O'Donnell, CEO at

Ray Chambers LifeHIkes Week

"It's more important to be loving than right."

Ray Chambers, Ambassador for Global Strategy and Health Financing at World Health Organization

"If you have desire and passion and want to put fuel in the tank, no one can take that away from you."

Giancarlo Esposito, Actor

"Reignite the kid in us for transformational learning."

Cherita McIntyre, ESPN

Mike Rooney Peloton

"Security comes at the expense of growth."

Mike Rooney, Peloton

Who Should Join LifeHikes Learn Week?

Learn Week is for anyone looking to improve their organization, themselves, and the world around them.

An entire week dedicated to hearing from some of the world’s top leaders, communicators, and inspiring teachers to gain insight and plan how to continue learning in the year ahead. That includes:

  • Company leaders and executives
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Directors and managers looking to rise
  • Lifelong learners inspired by personal growth
  • Current LifeHikes Loop participants

What is LifeHikes?

LifeHikes® is a global professional training company created to help you navigate the path to lifelong growth. At the center of LifeHikes is a Connected Learning Ecosystem. Imagine everything in one place – training programs, providers, technology, measurement, community, and certification for the most important skills for business and life. 

To support this ecosystem, we’ve formed a coalition of leading global organizations, a world-class support team, the best coaches in the business, and the invest-in-all mission of the LifeHikes Foundation. This combination provides a holistic approach to growth that will allow people to realize their fullest potential. 


LifeHikes Week 2022 is a curated experience for our Coalition members, clients, and select other attendees. 

Spend LifeHikes Week with us – Whether you’re an existing client, a Coalition member, or simply passionate about lifelong learning!