The success of an organization is built on the abilities of its individuals.

Grow your key team members’ skills in a structured, measurable way through a yearly plan that ties back to individual and organizational goals.

Why The Loop

Leverage the power of teamwork and individual reward to accelerate growth

We hunt in packs and grow in spurts. Real skill building comes through group participation and individualized plans and benchmarks.

Most learning models fail to make a real impact. But why?

Soft skills are the hardest to teach and measure.

The soft skills that your leaders, managers, sales teams, and other influential employees have are often the difference in millions of dollars, or even the organization’s survival. From presentation skills and difficult conversations, to increasing influence and consultative selling – these are where the best organizations shine.

The learning market is fragmented.

There are many options for individual learning, one-off corporate coaching, or traditional university programs. But where are options for real employees that need continuous growth that fits with the schedule of the workday? LifeHikes brings a model that combines structured and unstructured learning into yearly programs tailored to business needs and employee roles.

Skill development requires coaching.

Just as we needed help to learn math and spelling in grade school, we need guidance to continue to build the life skills that build successful professionals. World-renowned coaches with experience across several industries, languages, and educational backgrounds are matched to the type of development. your organization requires for success.

There’s no roadmap for lifelong learning.

A common pitfall for even the most dedicated teams is that there is no cohesive plan for skill building. Giving your key employees the resources to succeed should include a GPS for their learning journey. The LifeHikes Loop does just that, with years of skills from top tier learning vendors ready for every role.

How The Loop Works

Give your team an unforgettable learning experience.

The LifeHikes Loop is a year-long integrated learning journey that builds skills in communication, leadership and management, and sales.

What's in The Loop?

Live learning programs that combine human and tech-integrated features for immediate feedback and measurable improvements. Hikes address the core capabilities that organizations need, including leadership, communication, sales, and marketing.

Make strides in your soft skills faster and more effectively than ever before. Individual coaching sessions give insights in real time from a coach who is dedicated to your growth.

A group of peers and business leaders collectively read a specially selected business book, host discussions, and even speak with the author or industry expert. Accountability is blended with enjoyment in Campfires.

The LifeHikes Loop offers both pre- and post-Loop assessments across several communication functions. You’ll see starting points, set benchmarks, and track growth along the way.

Throughout the year, LifeHikes offers several 90 minute events. Normally starting at $79 each, events are included for Loop participants.

Access the LifeHikes Platform via the app for an experience unlike any other. Interact with coaches, see progress, and view materials from anywhere.

Invest In All for Maximum Organizational Impact

Drive revenue through the growth and skillset of your team

Leaders & Managers

Leading in today’s world requires impeccable communication skills, the ability to manage memorable meetings, create a powerful presence, and have difficult conversations with ease.All of that in online and in person! Give your leaders the power to own their potential in a Loop.

Sales & Marketing

Setting your organization apart and creating conversions is the goal of every sales and marketing team. Our world-renowned training includes sessions on being memorable, telling captivating stories, closing with purpose, and other must-haves for your revenue-driving business units.

Presenters & Evangelists

If you have key colleagues who need to present to or connect with stakeholders in your organization, what better tool to have than confidence? The LifeHikes Loop builds even the most seasoned presenter’s skills, helping build connections, create presence, and engage audiences effectively.

Lace Up Your Boots

The inaugural Loop is set to start during LifeHikes Week! The first Hike begins on September 22, 2021.

Register by September 10th to have a team from your organization join the business leaders, strategists, and top sales people in a Loop.

Choose Your Loop

All Loops include a LifeHikes account manager and onboarding. Plans are charged up front annually.


$ 89
Per Month
  • 2 Hikes
  • Two 60 minute coaching sessions
  • 2 Campfire Book Clubs
  • 1 90 Minute Event
  • LifeHIkes Platform
Most popular


$ 299
Per Month
  • 2 Hikes (Elite Cohort)
  • 12 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited Campfire Book Clubs
  • Unlimited Events
  • LifeHIkes Platform
  • Unlimited Programs
  • Account Hike Guide