Now’s your chance to change the world, one training at a time

If we asked your colleagues to describe you in three words, they might suggest adjectives like “empathetic,” “supportive,” and “charismatic.” You’re an effective speaker and mentor (either formally or with peers), and you bring a positive outlook, great follow-through, and a sense of calm to everything you do. You are personable and skilled at connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. You’re a lifelong learner who embraces feedback as an opportunity for growth. Most importantly, you have a passion for helping people learn, a gift for teaching, and a unique energy that inspires change.


If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about our coaching opportunities. We’re looking for talented Communication and Sales Coaches to join our growing team, and you might just be the perfect addition.



Collaborate with the best

As an Own The Room Coach, you’ll work hand-in-hand with some of the world’s leading organizations (think: companies like Facebook, Google, and L’Oreal), and with individuals, nonprofits, and growing businesses around the globe. You’ll also get to work with and learn from a diverse group of amazingly talented Coaches, including an Emmy-nominated writer, a former fitness champion, magazine publisher, genetic researcher, corporate attorney, pastor, and a host of other fun people from a range of industries.

Expand your own skill set

When you become a Coach with Own The Room, you’ll receive training in our trademarked methodology. All new Coaches join our Coach Academy program, which includes six weeks of virtual training and feedback and five days of in-person teaching practice with participants alongside experienced Coaches. We’re dedicated to providing ongoing learning and development opportunities for all Coaches, both in-person and virtually.

Our foundation, your flavor

All Own The Room Coaches must teach our methodology at least 80% the same so we can ensure brand consistency and quality. The other 10-20% of the time, we want you to bring your own ideas, stories, and techniques to the training to make each experience as customized, lively, and relatable as possible.

A built-in customer base

Unlike other training companies, we provide the customers and organize the workshops, so the only thing our Coaches have to do is what they do best: help people grow. You’ll have the flexibility to shape your schedule, build your expertise, explore your passion, or plan your transition into a full-time coaching career.

The logistics

Most Own The Room Coaches work as independent contractors, with the amount of work each month varying depending on many different factors. There may be opportunities for full-time employment in the future if you are interested in helping the company in other ways in addition to Coaching. We can discuss these possibilities during your initial interview.

Travel is a frequent reality in our business. Coaches must be excited to travel on a monthly or sometimes even weekly basis. And while selling is not a requirement of the job, we do have a sales incentive program for our Coaches who bring in new customers.

Own The Room brings extraordinary training and coaching to extraordinary leaders around the world. So it’s no wonder that when we hire Coaches, they’re the best-of-the-best. Here are some of the qualifications we look for in every Coach on our team: