Custom Services

Own The Room is a communication coaching and training company on a mission to unleash human potential. We’ve helped thousands of professionals around the world become better communicators and leaders through our standard and customized training programs. From custom services, such as self-paced e-learning courses to virtual training sessions led by live communication coaches to immersive in-person learning journeys (available for groups and one-on-one coaching), we have the expertise to help your team or organization reach new levels of engagement and performance. 

See here for a comprehensive list of our communication training offerings.

In addition to our standard public speaking and communication training programs, Own The Room provides learning design consulting custom services to help you achieve a variety of learning and development objectives by developing a customized training program.


1. Custom training program creation

Using your content, our content, or a combination of both, we’ll work with you to build a custom learning program to meet your learners’ needs. Example program topics include change management, strategic thinking, and handling conflict.


  1. We partnered with a multinational internet company to co-design and co-deliver a media training program for the company’s senior management. Over 2,000 employees have participated in the program, which receives a net promoter score of 9.2.
  2. Our sales coaches worked with a social media company to apply our instructional design frameworks to their sales training content to build an innovative learning program for their global salesforce. This program has been adopted by more than 70% of the company’s salesforce and receives a 9.4 net promoter score.
2. Translating your in-person learning programs to virtual delivery

We are experts in creating highly interactive and engaging learning experiences in both in-person and virtual environments. Own The Room can help you adapt your in-person learning content to virtual delivery to scale your programs to a geographically distributed workforce.


A cloud storage company contacted us to design a feedback training program for virtual delivery. We helped the company incorporate best practices for virtual training and provided resources for their in-house facilitators so that the program can be deployed throughout its global workforce.

3. Virtual Conference and Event Services

Let us turn your top-level professional training conferences or large gatherings into seamless virtual experiences. No matter your group size, we will work with you to create a highly interactive and engaging experience customized specifically to your needs.


We can translate your content into a strong and effective virtual experience. We can also customize any of our virtual training sessions into impactful learning experiences tailored to your objectives.


Our world-class communication coaches can facilitate your event, or we can train your speakers/facilitators to enhance their presentation skills and communication skills to give professional and engaging keynotes.

4. E-learning content creation

We can design and produce e-learning content, including instructional videos and assessments, to integrate into your learning management system (LMS).


We worked with an international university network to design and produce an online presentation and speaking skills course using Own The Room content. The course is delivered in three different languages and two formats (instructor-led and self-paced). Approximately 25,000 students per semester complete the course.

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