The One Thing You Should Be Doing This Fall


Most adult learning slows to a crawl after formal education — our growth through learning as children is rapid, then slows to what we posit is about 1.5% a year in terms of skill, mindset, and overall growth.

Let’s change that.

Join us September 20 – 24, 2021, at LifeHikes® Week in changing the landscape of learning.

What is LifeHikes Week?

LifeHikes Week is an entire week dedicated to hearing from some of the world’s top leaders, communicators, and inspiring teachers. The event focuses on leadership, communication, the entire organization and the entire person. Full of panel discussions, keynote sessions, and structural learning opportunities, LifeHikes Week is designed to help you grow professionally. Our speakers will be addressing topics like “How to create an agile learning culture,” “How do great leaders embrace failure?” and “Making learning a habit.”

Who should join LifeHikes Week?

LifeHikes week is for anyone looking to improve their organization, themselves, or the world around them. That includes:

  • Company leaders and executives
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Directors and managers looking to rise
  • Lifelong learners inspired by personal growth

You’ll have the opportunity to attend sessions curated by the world’s top leaders and innovators with a holistic approach to professional and personal development

What is LifeHikes?

We’re reshaping the way we learn with LifeHikes, a powerful video and AI-enabled mobile learning experience that’s rooted in our proven Own The Room coaching methodology. The integrated learning system is used by leaders, executives, speakers, sales teams, and many more to improve presentation, speaking, conversation, and other soft skills that, until now, have been hard to measure.

LifeHikes provides skill training that empowers people to own their potential through world renowned coaches, powerful technology, and unforgettable experiences.

  • World Renowned Coaches: Our coaches are trusted by the world’s top talent, including industry leaders, the fastest growing organizations, world leaders, actors, Olympians, and more.
  • Powerful Technology: A powerful, evolving, and entirely new approach to learning, the recommendation engine gives objective benchmarks for soft skills you need.
  • Unforgettable Experiences: Making your experience memorable is the key to making you successful. The methodology is the magic and we’re bringing it to more skills daily.

If you have ever wanted to improve the soft skills that make a hard impact on your career, but the options fell flat, we hear you. Get to know two new LifeHikes offerings, the LifeHikes Hike and the LifeHikes Loop model, designed with your advancement in mind.

What is a LifeHikes Hike?

A Hike is an intensive virtual learning journey that takes your leadership, communication, sales, and other skills to the next level – and sets you on a path for continued improvement.

Making significant gains in any skill requires effort and LifeHikes makes your learning journey fun, easy, and effective. You’ll see immediate impact from your first session, and lasting impact as you continue your Hike.

Every Hike includes multiple virtual training sessions, led by world-class certified coaches. You’ll learn key skills that you can apply immediately and solidify new behaviors through continued practice and coach support. Contact us to start your learning journey.

What is a LifeHikes Loop?

Own The Room powered by LifeHikes, has taken our world-renowned training and integrated a proprietary technology platform to give you real time feedback in the palm of your hand. Loops are a combination of our Hikes, series of training and coaching sessions that are put together to maximize your results in the skills you need most.

With several options available in leadership training and soft skills coaching, knowing what works and will really move the needle is harder than ever for most companies. The Loops model will help turn the fragmented landscape into a comprehensive learning ecosystem.

Chat with our team about which loop will help you and your team reach the peak of your potential.

As the world is evolving in response to the pandemic, learning and development trends are shifting as well. The need to bring new employees up-to-speed quickly and the desire to expand the skills of existing employees compels us to create more and better resources for both individual and organizational growth.

Whether you’re an existing Own The Room client, a LifeHikes Coalition member, or simply passionate about lifelong learning, join us online the week of September 20, 2021! 

Are you a lifelong learner? Contact us to discuss your next steps with one of our learning consultants.