Sometimes I lose sleep at night. It breaks my heart when I think of all the people in the world, our brothers and sisters, who don’t get to realize their potential in life–at least in terms of developing their intellect or economics. To not even have a decent shot at it because of where they were born. How can I help everyone get that chance? How can I help you get that chance?

For the people I do get to train and coach–mainly in big companies–how can I show them that there is much more for them, more than they see, more than they know. I want them–and you–to have it all. It’s often just a little tweak of a mindset, a small technique here or there that gets you markedly different and better results.

And here is what else I see all too often. So many people are actually doing quite well and achieving so much but they share with me in coaching conversations they are not happy. They beat themselves up. People can be so hard on themselves! Not to sound too zen about it but they’re carrying so many self-beliefs that pull them down. Imposter and fraud syndrome is the norm now, not the exception. I want to help everyone. I want everyone to do what is needed to become, as my friend Doug Melder says, your best self. And right there with that is the hope that the next several years don’t fly by without you also enjoying that for which you’ve worked so hard and which is working so well.

Little Tips for Big Changes is the title of the blog and I will be posting regularly. Whether it’s a written blog or short video talk(s) or sharing actual coaching conversations with people trying to overcome a specific challenge where people have given permission to film and share.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

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