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Energy Management
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It Is About Energy Management -

It Is About Energy Management BY BILL HOOGTERP People ask me all the time for tips for working from home, specifically how to improve on time management. My response: “have you ever heard of energy management?” Psychologist Adam Grant makes the argument that productivity isn’t about time management. It’s about attention (or energy) management. We have […]

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Teacher Track Program = Virtual Training for Educators
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Virtual Training For Educators -

Virtual Training for Educators BY BILL HOOGTERP We have trained over 1,000 teachers. Here are some of the virtual learning tips they have found most helpful:Do something different every 8 minutes to keep attention.   No matter how much the class likes you and you know your content, you need to change something to keep […]

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Top 10 Tips For Virtual Calls -

Top 10 Tips for Virtual Calls Personally, I’m not convinced this whole internet thing is going to catch on. It’s probably just a fad, like rock and roll. Another two weeks tops. But on the off chance virtual calls stick around, we might as well figure it out. Life is more fun when you’re good […]

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A little tip
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A Little Tip From Big Wilt -

A Little Tip From Big Wilt BY BILL HOOGTERP How can I make the not-fun parts of my job (or life) a little better?Have you ever heard Wilt Chamberlain’s bellhop story? You may know who Wilt is. Famous basketball player, two meters tall, crazy strong, averaged 50 points a game one year.During college, Wilt got a summer […]

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