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What Do You Need
What Do You Need Right Now? Publication Name

What Do You Need Right Now? -

What Do You Need Right Now? BY STUART LUTH “What do you need right now?”While we’ve been providing online communication training to a lot of leaders lately, we’re focusing on how we stay aligned with our teams when we’re all so spread out. We’re all moving so fast that even when we take the time […]

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you are enough
You Are Enough Publication Name

You Are Enough -

Recently, we did a training for a group of women investment managers at a large financial service company in Zurich. Each woman came prepared with a short presentation they were working on, which we filmed when they first arrived in the morning. Then we did a full day training, the same one that we do all over the world for companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, MTV, universities and non-profits.

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Communication Training
Every Employee Needs Communication Training Publication Name

Every Employee Needs Communication Training -

“Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human.” – Jan Koum. We couldn’t agree more with the co-founder of WhatsApp, who went from a life on food stamps to selling his company to Facebook for $19 billion.

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Complex Concepts
How To Convey Complex Concepts Publication Name

How To Convey Complex Concepts -

Daniel was brilliant. A data analyst at a rapidly growing startup, he had swiftly proven himself to be a keen thinker who could quickly find patterns amidst rows of data. There was just one problem.

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While we love the attention, it’s our awesome team members who deserve the real credit.